Search Engine Optimisation

Key Steps to Search Engine Optimise Your Website

This is a rough representation of some of the steps we take in optimising your website to rank effectively on search engines. The actual process we use is more sophisticated and significantly customised to your requirements and exisiting strenghts.

The broad steps are:

  • Determine Your Outcomes: Do you want more enquiries, sales, subscriptions etc. We help clarify your objectives and explore what is achievable.

  • Search Scenarios: We identify the search behaviour people use when searching for your products or services. This provides context to the subsequent sales process and identifies relevant content and conversion strategies you will need.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: This is not about choosing popular phrases. It's about identifying what keywords will provide you with quality traffic. We also explore keyword trends, geographic relevancy and highlight words and phrases that help you develop niche markets.

  • Content Development: Sustainable SEO comes from creating unique and relevant content organised for intuitive access for both search engines and your visitors. We can help you develop a variety of conventional and rich media content designed to engage visitors and keep the search engines coming back for more.

  • Web Architecture Strategy: This is a critical element in helping search engines better understand your website as well as making your website more search friendly.

  • Develop a Mobile Strategy: Essential to leveraging your visibility. We can help you develop a mobile strategy that is fully integrated with other strategies.

  • Link Building Strategy: Part of how Google determines your rankings is based on the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website. We may do some classic back linking however we usually prefer more sophisticated options.

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